This is where my brainchildren live. There’s Personal Stuff Pip, Social Stuff Soo, Analytical Stuff Anna, and our brainpet Creative Stuff Cat. Clearly, we like the middle name Stuff.

The areas my mind likes to spend its vacations include: ethnic studies, psychology, sociology, creative writing, race relations, contemporary cultural anthropology, and self-humoring internal dialogue. This will soon be very evident.

As you can see, that’s a lot of Stuff. According to some business models, that means there are too many things going on at once for consumers to want to stick around. Where, then, does that leave someone who wants to fuse all the things together? In the pit of perpetual liberal arts ambivalence, and with a very small audience.

Good thing I’ve got the braincat to keep me company.

You may have come to this page to get a quick understanding of what to expect. Well, if there’s one thing I could tell you about this blog, it’s that