meds meds meds

This is somewhat a continuation of a previous post, called Un-, which is very long and basically details my worsening mental state during college. I started writing the second part to it, called Learning, but I don't think the story wanted to continue in that way and try as I might, I just couldn't pick … Continue reading meds meds meds


Transcript from a real facebook chat I had the other day

Her: Pssstttt.... this is so stupid but i have a question about consent Me: Oh sure That's not stupid at all It's very hazy Her: Let's say I'm having sex with someone and they actually ask and I say yes but inside I don't feel comfortable and don't wanna do it but i'm making myself do … Continue reading Transcript from a real facebook chat I had the other day

Violence is intergenerational

I follow a couple of online media outlets to keep up with Asian American-specific news. This year, I noticed a strange pattern. At the very beginning of 2017, I was surprised to see violence against an 83-year-old Asian woman on my newsfeed. Strange that anyone would hurt an elderly woman, and an Asian/Asian American one at that. … Continue reading Violence is intergenerational

“I’m fine;” the mentally not-okay mind

I've had multiple conversations with people during which I realized they don't know what a lot of symptoms of mental illness looks like. And if I hadn't both witnessed as well as experienced them myself, I wouldn't have known either. For the longest time, I thought these behaviors were unique to me, or worse, character … Continue reading “I’m fine;” the mentally not-okay mind