Transcript from a real facebook chat I had the other day

Her: Pssstttt.... this is so stupid but i have a question about consent Me: Oh sure That's not stupid at all It's very hazy Her: Let's say I'm having sex with someone and they actually ask and I say yes but inside I don't feel comfortable and don't wanna do it but i'm making myself do … Continue reading Transcript from a real facebook chat I had the other day



A few years ago, when I decided to bleach a strip of my dark hair white, I had no intentions other than to see my own reflection as different from that of the girl who was with my ex. I'd never once imagined that the small change in color would be interpreted as rebellion (other … Continue reading Streaks

Violence is intergenerational

I follow a couple of online media outlets to keep up with Asian American-specific news. This year, I noticed a strange pattern. At the very beginning of 2017, I was surprised to see violence against an 83-year-old Asian woman on my newsfeed. Strange that anyone would hurt an elderly woman, and an Asian/Asian American one at that. … Continue reading Violence is intergenerational

“I’m fine;” the mentally not-okay mind

I've had multiple conversations with people during which I realized they don't know what a lot of symptoms of mental illness looks like. And if I hadn't both witnessed as well as experienced them myself, I wouldn't have known either. For the longest time, I thought these behaviors were unique to me, or worse, character … Continue reading “I’m fine;” the mentally not-okay mind